"I love you"
That must be the equivalent of not replying to my texts, of not telling me what’s wrong, of lying to me like its nothing, of not being able to tell me why you like me, of not talking to me for days at a time, of promising to hang out and then sleeping instead or making other plans or not having a ride, of not spending time with me, of acting distant, of avoiding and ignoring me, of making me feel worthless. “I love you” must be the equivalent of “I don’t care for you.”


It’s about a break-up and it was me using the metaphor of Lego. You spend so long putting Lego together and if you drop it on the floor, within an instant, it’s broken, and it takes a while to put it back together. I kind of see a relationship like that. It takes so long to build, and it can break apart in an instant. -Ed Sheeran, discussing the meaning behind Lego House.